Zylofon Media Launches Zylofon Arts Fund


Zylofon Media, a leading name in the Ghanaian creative arts industry has launched a fund worth one million dollars.
The Zylofon Arts Fund is set up to provide funding for indigenous creative projects. Usually, industry players struggle to access funding for their works leading to a lot of delays in the system. For this reason, the company has created this scheme to cater for such cases and also to grow the industry.
The fund was launched on Friday 19\1\2018 at company’s headquarters in Accra and will be manned by a five-member administrative board.
Persons applying for the Zylofon Arts Fund will have to provide a security and will payback with zero interest.
According to the Public Relations Officer of Zylofon Media revealed that the fund would be supported and protected by other business associates of the Zylofon family and some innovative fundraising concerts.
Although me he admitted that there could be some unforeseen risks, strategic measures have been put in place to curb such occurrences.



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