Zylofon Cash Storms American Field Service (AFS) Global | PHOTOS


Zylofon Cash, this morning, engaged a group of exceptionally brilliant young persons from the American Field Service (AFS) Global.

According to Mr Gabriel Kwabla Kwamigah(National Coordinator for Zylofon Cash) who was present at the gathering, it was a memorable encounter during which the two teams formed a partnership that promises to be of a great mutual benefit.

Mr Atsu Kofi Tekpo (Zylofon media’s Chief Operations Officer), Halifax Addo(Communications Director), Mr Yaw Akoto( Regional Coordinator), Mr Jude Aulker(Head of projects and logistics) and more were some of the few executives that were present to make sure the event was a success.

The students were full of energy and liveliness. And the executives of Zylofon Cash were wowed by their sheer brilliance and passion at working hard to make the world a better place for us all.

Mr Halifax Ansah Addo further detailed information about Zylofon Cash, how it operates, why they should be on the Zylofon cash platform and more.

Below are some photos from that strategic encounter

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