Zylofon Cash Bids Akwamuman Senior High School Students Farewell


The management of Zylofon Cash on Sunday, June 24, bade farewell to the students of Akwamuman Senior High School at the Kotoka International Airport.

The students were on their way to South Africa to represent Ghana at the Broadway Drama Festival. The delegation was led by the National Coordinator of Zylofon Cash, Mr. Gabriel Kwabla Kwamigah.

Akwamuman Senior High School had as emerged winners of the inter-secondary school Broadway Drama Festival organized by Heritage Ghana.

Following their win, the school has been selected to represent Ghana in the advanced level of the competition, in South Africa.

At an event held at the Zylofon Cash office in Accra, Zylofon Cash donated $10,000 in support of the school’s success. The national coordinator for Zylofon cash disclosed that sponsorship was part of Zylofon Cash’s vision to “showcase Africa to the world. Zylofon Cash is here to help uncover talents, hence our support for these students.”

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See photos from the event below…



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