Zylofon Arts Fund Solves Distribution Problems Facing The Movie Industry


One of the biggest problems facing the Ghanaian movie industry is challenges in distribution, however media giant, Zylofon Media has taken a step to help make situations better through one of its outfits, Zylofon Arts Fund (ZAF).

In a series of interviews, movie producers complained of the lack of cinemas and  how the few available ones take fifty percent of the earnings from movie premieres, which is to a huge demerit to them.

However, Communications director of Zylofon Arts Fund, Franky 5 has revealed that ZAF  has identified potential avenues for movie premieres and at a low cost.

He disclosed, “after realizing some of the challenges, we intervened on the behalf of the industry and summoned great deals with several cinemas in some regions.”

He stated that, premiering of movies in Kumasi and Tamale have been reduced to a 60/40 percentage share and in Sunyani a 70/30 percent share between producers and the cinemas respectively.

Furthermore, he revealed that hard copy distribution has been digitalized by the Arts Fund, to help facilitate a smooth running of affairs and share of gains between distributors and producers.

He made these submissions at the launch of zylofonview.com, an online portal introduced by ZAF to enhance the exclusive premiering on Ghanaian movies.

This, to a large extent has served as an answer to the prayers of the struggling Ghanaian movie industry.


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