Zet Cinema is set for its maiden production – “THE CONVERSATION”


Zet Cinema, a subsidiary of Zylofon Media is set for its maiden movie production, titled “THE CONVERSATION” tomorrow April 11, 2018.
The movie tells the story of three single ladies who dated a group of three married men, who were also friends. Ironically, the wives of these men were also very close friends. During the period, one of the single ladies was about celebrating her birthday hence decided to send a text message to the male friend she was dating, but unfortunately the man’s wife saw the message on her husband’s mobile phone.
Upon seeing the text message, the wife together with her friends hatched a plan to surprise the birthday girl and her lady friends at the birthday party with a present, posing as a secretary to her husband, so she could confront her husband and the girlfriends.
Notably among the cast are seasoned actors James Gardner, Kwaku Elliot, Luckie Lawson, Bibi Bright, Too Sweet Annan, Roselyn Ngissa, Benedicta Gafa, Zynnel Zuh and Jasmin Baroudi.
This production, which is directed by Eddie Nartey and produced by Enoch Atakorah, promises to make film lovers anxious, as they will be asking lots of questions regarding the knotty issues that will arise from this movie.


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