“Women Are Their Own Problems” – JMJ


Mzgee’s interview backstage with Wendy Shay after her performance at the FB Suma@10 Ghana Connect concert which took place inside the Fantasy Dome on Saturday, October 27, 2018 and went sour after the artiste Wendy Shay shut down the reporter for asking a question which according to her, was a ‘dumb’ question has catalyzed the issue of negative energy which exists among women and generated a fuss among fans as well as entertainment critiques with many expressing their opinion from disparate angles and JMJ is one of such critiques.

JMJ BABY, known in real life as Joshua Raphaelson has aired his opinion on Zylofon 102.1 on ‘Showbiz Agenda’. Apparently, JMJ incomprehensible of the intention behind the release of the video to the public in the first place stands on the conviction that it is as a result of women being their own problems and referred to that being the reason the females in the industry are few. He believes the video being released on social media could have been avoided.

Reacting to the video which went viral, JMJ told Sammy Flex the host of the show that, “one of the things I have noticed growing up is women are their own problems. They fight themselves more than they would even fight a man.”

Nonetheless, it is not surprising how this issue has sprung up the detestation which exists between the females in the industry.

JMJ BABY is a Sound-Engineer, Writer, Composer, and a multiple hit Producer who has produced hit songs like Stonebwoy’s (Hills & Valleys, Climax), Samini’s (Scatter Badmind) and others.


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