Why Are The ‘Big Men’ Not Arrested For Smoking Weed? – Kwesi Pratt


The Managing Editor of the New Crusading Guide newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr has expressed his displeasure at why security agencies continue attack the defenseless who smoke ‘weed’ in the society.

He asked why they ignore the ‘big men’ who deal in it and even make fortunes from it and arrest the rather disadvantaged in the society.

Speaking on the Accra-based Peace fm, he said he did not understand why other countries are making fortunes out of marijuana and yet Ghana is ‘burning them’ (farms) and arresting people who cultivate or use it.

Mr Pratt Jnr seems to agree to a report by the Parliamentary Committee on Defence and Interior which recommends the decriminalization of the possession and use of marijuana (wee).

 “Ghana needs to take a cue from other progressive countries and consider alternatives to punishment or incarceration of people who use drug and other alternatives to ending the criminalization of people who use drugs. Criminalization of drug use and possession has led to the arrest prosecution and incarceration of thousands of Ghanaians across the country,” the report noted.

He further stated that the ‘big men’ who are lawyers, doctors, civil and public servants and are known for their dealership in and smoking of the ‘weed’ are ignored instead the poor and defenseless are arrested which is not fair.

” Meanwhile, there are other countries who have given people license to cultivate marijuana” he indicated further.


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