We Are Not Killing The Youth, We Are Making Them Rich – Bandex


CEO of Bandex Films, Ahmed Banda has waded into the brouhaha surrounding his bread business.

According to speculations by colleague producer, Martin Aboagye, Bandex is promoting street hawking among the youth, making them prone to the risk of road accidents.

However, the renowned producer has clapped back at these allegations in an interview with Sammy Flex of Showbiz Agenda on Zylofon FM.

“We are only trying to create jobs for the youth. It is better for them to sell bread in the street than to stay home jobless and hungry”, he stated.

Ahmed further quizzed why they [bread sellers] are the ones being chastised when there are many other products sold by hawkers on the streets.

According to him, many other celebrities import products like pen drives, bags and several others that are sold in the streets.

“Do you have any idea how many celebrities are behind street hawking. Bread sellers are not up to 5% the population of street hawking but because they know we are behind it, they are coming after us”, he added


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