Video: Slow Down – FOKN Bois


Ghanaian duo, Wanlov The Kubolor and M3nsa (Fokn Bois) have released visuals to their song titled “Slow Down”.

Slow Down is off the Fokn Ode to Ghana album. The visuals has very beautiful pictures and uses the silhouette creatively.

Enjoy the video below;

I no wan go fast
I no wan go slow
I jus wan catch there
Mek u no stress me

I just dey take ma time i dey ma lane
I no dey wan complain
the pressure wey u guys dey giv more of am b skin pain
We no dey do am for the fame
We dey do am for the fam
So we dey do am for the gain
Small b peh for the glam
Descisions descisions wey man for make wey e dey bore
the vision the vision b no more searching on the floor
For loose coins n moose loins
N goose drawings
Chale me dier am skimming thru the news points
Tick Tock
The shit talk start dey bore
In ma flip flops or bare foot
Tips on the floor
The more we dey savour the flavour for the trip top
The more the course dey jorm the more u no dey fit stop
Gathering small moss
Shadda with no dross
So when the weather make better
it means the breeze b all yors
Of course
The fast money make u feel unsafe
U lock yor doors
Alas honey
Slow day
Holla me blowjolbs


Y we no go slow down small?

U dey watch yor watch
Wey yor watch dey watch u
dey laff
Like som watchman wey e quaff
sake of Hurry up & wait u 4get 2 baff
now yor armpit start dey toss giv the staff
u get formula plus calculator 4 d math
u get d langalanga n cutlass clear d path
but still u dey stand still coz u no wan b still
Distill yor mind make true virtues instill


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