VIDEO: Kumchacha And Patapaa Finally Patch Their Differences


Ghanaian musician, Patapaa of “One Corner” fame and controversial preacher, Kumchacha have finally smoked the peace pipe.

The two, who have in the past hurled insults at each other on several occasions finally decided to let bygones be.

Patapaa revealed in an interview on SVTV that, there is no need exchanging words with the popular man of God, hence pleaded for forgiveness.

He stressed, “I have forgiven Prophet Kumchacha because being at war with each other won’t yield any results,”

On the other hand, the pastor accepted Patapapaa’s apology and shared a prayer with the latter.

Their feud was caused by Kumchacha’s constant open disregard for Patapaa’s talent, calling his hit song, “Óne Corner” a nuisance.

This angered the young musician, who in turn hurled insults at Kumchacha for disrespecting his brand.

Patapaa is however promoting his new single, titled “Suro Nipa”


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