Trigmatic Nurtures Children Through Music


Musician and Radio Personality, Trigmatic has resolved to teach young children through music.

He established the Matic Music Club in September, 2017 to teach young ones between the ages 5-15 how to write and arrange music as well as pursue other academic disciplines.

According to the soul singer, he drew inspiration from the African folkloric method our forfathers used to teach history or tell stories through music.

The ‘Where We Dey Go’ singer told Sammy Flex on Zylofon FM’s Showbiz Agenda:

“….Our ancestors/forefathers knew the power that music has so they developed folklores. As you sing along, it gets stuck on your mind… the Europeans have discovered and adopted the art of teaching children through music.”

He however bemoaned the fact that he has not received any form of support from government, despite several attempts.

“…….MUSIGA received us and few other bodies bur I haven’t heard anything from the Ministry of Tourism. I actually reached out to the Director of Tourism Authority. We haven’t heard from them yet.”

He concluded by urging parents to occupy the children profitably when they are not in school, by enrolling them in the Matic Music Club.



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