Top 5 must have items for modern Ghanaian homes


It’s incredible how quickly time flies past us. In the blink of an eye, we have moved from the old days of black & white tv’s, the grinding stone, the hand held electronic heater and extra small table top fridges.Today, modern homes come with classy and technologically advanced equipments and gadgets. From small appliances such as cookers , toasters, mixers & blenders, coffee makers, pressing Irons & vacuum cleaners to large appliances such as burners , Dishwashers ,Washers & Dryers ,Fridges & Freezers ,air conditioners. Furniture and bedding materials and bathroom essentials are all important when giving your home a complete makeover. For the rest of this month, Africa’s leading e-commerce platform Jumia is running a massive campaign aimed at giving customers the best deals on home making products. Below are top 5 items every Ghanaian home must have. Take a cue.

  1. Television Sets (TV) – Can you imagine a modern home without a television set? Of course not. There would be at least a small one for family entertainment. These days, there are different tv sets with different specifications and prices. You will be amazed to find out that some tv sets cost as high as 50,000 Ghc. WOW! A ‘’common television set’’ that costs the same or even more than a car? However, there are some people who can afford it. TV’s these days range from LCD’s to LED’s and from curved satellite tv’s to borderless tv’s. Their functions are so overwhelming that you can find a television set that responds to all 5 senses. The world is moving and it’s going very fast. For a good modern home makeover, you should have a good quality television. Check out great tv deals of up to 40% OFF this season.


  1. Refrigerators/Deep Freezers – Ghanaians often call this the ‘’fridge’’. This essential machine is always great for preservation. Many homes have a way of preserving food and chilling water or drinks.However, there is hardly a home in Ghana that doesn’t have a refrigerator. From table top fridges to double door fridges and huge deep freezers, nearly every home needs something to store food and preserve from spoilage. In today’s world, there are various types of fridges which are rated with stars depending on their energy consumption. Depending on the star rating, the price varies. The higher the rating, the more expensive the fridge is. Check out some high quality fridges and deep freezers at great prices now to help you give your home a complete but affordable makeover.


  1. Bedding Materials – Did we all make a mistake? Maybe this should have been the first on this list of must have items for every home. Where you sleep at the end of each day is very essential and many people spend a lot of time and money getting the best items to make up their bedrooms. Quality mattresses, bed sheets with pillow cases, duvets and many other items that make up modern bedrooms don’t come cheap these days. This makes it difficult for many people to create the bedroom of their dreams. The big home makeover deals are just ideal for you if you need to remake your bedroom. Very affordable items just for you.

4. Furniture –  Every home needs furniture. Good furniture can transform your home into a classy haven but wrong choice of furniture can mar the beauty of your home. Wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, beds, dining tables and chairs as well as living room furniture all come at very high costs these days. Choosing the very best may sometimes mean you have to break the bank. In order to transform your home and make it the paradise you always dream of, you need to get the very best furniture. Grab them at amazingly low rates online. The big home makeover is just the place for you.


5. Other Appliances – Of course most of the above stated items are appliances needed for that complete home makeover but how else could we have classified the other items yet to be mentioned. Washing machines, toasters, pressing irons, mixers, blenders, vacuum cleaners and all other home equipments are too important to be left out. This means that after putting all the large appliances in place, you also need the small ones to complete your ideal home. Can you imagine your home without an iron or a kettle? Getting all of these items may take time because of the availability and price. However, there is a great place online when you can get all these items from trusted brands at great prices. Don’t be left out.


For newly weds, bachelors looking to settle down and even for people who want to transform their homes, the ‘’Big Home Makeover’’ deals are just what you need. Go online now and benefits from hundreds of great deals prepared just for you. So many brands to choose from at very affordable prices. Save more and enjoy the very best quality now.



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