Top 10 Ghanaian Actors Who Have Been Active In 2018

Adjetey Annang

The past few years, there have been public outcries by movie Producer, actors and movie industry players about the decline in movie productions in Ghana.

Many have attributed this problem to several reasons, but peculiar amongst them is challenges in marketing of the movies. This year, there has been media discussions to deliberate on ways to overcome these challenges.

A major intervention was made by the Zylofon Arts Fund, with the introduction of Zylofon View, Ghana’s first Online Cinema. Zylofon Arts Fund has also successfully entered into agreements with cinemas in major regions to have a healthy contractual partnerships, particularly in share of returns from movie premieres. The outfit has also employed numerous marketing personnel nationwide to sell movies on highly secured and encrypted CDs.

That notwithstanding, a some actors have managed to be proactive with their career despite the challenges. Zylofon FM’s News Review Producer, Empress Neeta, has compiled a list of the top 10 actors who have been active in the movie scenes this year.

The list of actors and movies in which they have stared in no particular order;

1. Adjetey Annang – Azali, Side Chic Gang, and Black Sheep

2. Peter Ritchie – My Name Is Ramadan, Side Chic Gang, Sometimes in Yesterday and Kukusi

3. Kobi Rana – My name is Ramadan, Chadwell, Apples & Bananas And 1 Hour to the Wedding

4. Umar Krupp – My name is Ramadan, Once Upon The 80’s, Accra Hustlers

5. Bishop Bernard Nyarko – Side Chic Gang, Kubolor

6. Akorfa Edjeani – Lucky, Azali, Side Chic Gang

7. Sika Osei- Side Chic gang, Badluck Joe

8. Roselyn Ngissah – Side Chic Gang, 1 hour To The Wedding, Brown Sugar

9. Akrobeto – Beautiful Mind, Our Father’s Wealth, Wicked Landlord, Abusua a Mefiri Mu, High Tension, Mistakes Men Make, English Teacher

10. Lil Win – Father’s Wealth, Wicked Landlord, High Tension, English Teacher



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