Togo Borga Fumes Over Comments That Ghanaian Comedy Is Boring


Ghanaian comedian, Togo Borga has expressed his discontent towards comments that, comedy in Ghana is boring.

In an interview on Zylofon 102.1 FM’s Showbiz Agenda with host, Sammy Flex, Borga revealed that, comedy in Ghana is not limited to Stand-up, hence fans should refrain from classifying comedy under the same umbrella.

“Stand up comedy is not the only type of comedy in Ghana, there are several other genres to comedy hence Ghanaians should stop the habit of classifying them all as one”, he pointed out.

He mentioned that, the likes of Akrobeto and Kojo Nkansah Lil Win, are all comedians who entertain masses nationwide, more than stand-up comedians, but are sidelined when the comedy industry is under focus.

Borga further opined that, there are several other comedians who are doing extremely well in their fields, hence, comments that the industry is failing is very unfair to them.

He blamed radio and TV presenters for failure to educate the public on the different types of comedy in Ghana.

He mentioned, “don’t say Ghanaian comedians are not funny, please refer to the specific types of comedy when making such statements”


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