T’neeya- Joli — WATCH


T’neeya offers a unique blend of Afrobeats and Soul in her music and her latest track “Joli” continues to showcase her fresh sound.

“Joli” premiered on November 1, with a stunning visual displaying not only T’neeya’s vocal talent, but her ability to capture the spotlight.

‘Joli Gars’ means pretty boy in French. This song shows a very flirty, confident and playful side to T’neeya as she boldly expresses her affections.

T’neeya (Jennifer Tania Takoh) was born and raised in Cameroon. The young, self-taught artist T’neeya began her musical journey in her home country of Cameroon, leading her school choir and competing in local talent shows.

Since signing to Aristokrat Records, T’neeya has released two singles “Low Battery” and “Text Me.”

Click to watch:


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