Tic Tac opens up on why he chooses to perform in Ayalolo bus


For some time now, Tic Tac has been laughed at and mock for his decision to take music performance to Ayalolo bus.
According to some popular views, Tic Tac career has ‘ended’ and he wants to ‘resurrect’ it. Others wondered why such a good musician would stoop so low and take his music performance to a public transport.
To others, Tic Tac has become poor and wants to make some money from a “mere” public transport. But it has emerged that all these public opinions are false.
In a social media post, Tic Tac, born Nana Kwaku Okyere Duah, disclosed that his decision to perform in Ayalalo bus is a strategy to boost his music career.
He believes the move is a unique opportunity to get closer to his fans. Tic Tac noted that not everyone has the time to listen to radio or buy CDs to play. “Therefore, going to the people and seeing them face to face is the best way I believe will help me connect with my fans better,” he said.
He reasoned that his fans have only heard his voice all this while, and so he felt being on board the Ayalolo bus was the right way to make him feel closer to them. “Also, not everyone may like you.
People have their own mindset about you but when you interact with them one on one they get to know you more and would change their mindset toward you,” Tic Tac explained.
Contrary to his ridiculers that Tic Tac is poor, the Philomena hitmaker rubbished that claim. He stated that he has been a musician for the past twenty years, therefore he can never be poor like people think.
Ayalolo Bus is a public transport which plies the Accra-Achimota main road. Early in December, Tic Tac started some music performance which according to him was to create awareness for his upcoming album titled “Mama Grace”.
The album which is dedicated to his mother who bears that name is also to celebrate and appreciate her. Tic Tac made the headlines last week Friday when he walked out on a presenter in a live TV interview.
He got offended when a video of Shatta Wale was being played instead of his. Tic Tac later explained that the decision to walk out on the presenter was because he respects his brand and would not allow anyone to look down on it.
Source: yen.com.gh


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