Though My Songs Were Banned From Radio, I Still Made Money – Nana Yaw Wiredu


The legendary Nana Yaw Wiredu of “Wodeede Mu” fame has announced that, during the time when a ban was placed on his songs on radio, he still earned loads of money off them.

He said that, back in the day musicians earned from their work from selling copies of their cassettes, unlike in recent times and that was to his advantage.

Nana stated that, although his hit song, “Wodeede Mu” was banned from radio under claims that it preached profanity, his cassettes sold and he earned a lot.

He emphasized that, he sold thousands of copies because his fans enjoyed the song and moreover, because of the controversies the song attracted, Ghanaians were curious to listen to it.

The seasoned musician disclosed what prompted the adult content of his song in an interview on Showbiz Agenda.

According to him, prior to “Wodeede Mu”, he released “Abena Frema”, which raised several brows though the song spoke about teenage pregnancy.

He says Ghanaians saw the song as sexually provocative and in order to prove him wrong, he released a more explicit song.

“Ghanaians thought Abena Frema was profane, I wanted to show them what profanity really was”, he explained.


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