The NPP Government Is More Corrupt Than The GFA – Adauna Stars CEO


Aduana Stars CEO, Albert Commey says the NPP government is more corrupt than the Ghana Football Association (GFA), so it has no moral right to dissolve the association.

Speaking after the Aduana-Vita game yesterday at Dormaa, the experienced football administrator took a pop at the government, seeking reasons for the cordoning of the FA Secretariat, preventing all football ¨people¨ from accessing the facility.

“Look at the kettle calling the pot black. Didn’t we hear the amount of money the NPP spent at their Delegates Conference. What GFA has spent is just peanut “, he said.

¨I am not a thief. I blame some of the FA officials, who are in bed with the government, fighting for positions in the yet-to-be formed football association.

The NPP government has dissolved the GFA after the Anas expose, which unraveled some of the rot embedded in our football.

The expose, titled ¨Number 12¨, brought to light a myriad of corruptible issues, which until the expose were deemed as mere allegations lacking facts.

This move by government has not gone down well with most football ¨people¨, with some even seeking redress at the law courts.



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