The Court Case Is A Painful Experience For The Actors Guild – Ken Fiati


Ken Fiati, Head of Technical Committee of Ghana Actors Guild has disclosed that the court summon which led to the halt in the Actors Guild elections is a painful experience for the members of the guild. According to him, the writ came as a surprise to the guild.

Speaking to Sammy Flex on Zylofon FM’s Showbiz Agenda, Ken mentioned that the guild and it’s president will employ the services of a legal representative on the issue. He added that the guild is happy to settle the issue once and for all.

“We are particularly happy about this because it will once and for all settle the petty issues belittling our industry”, he said.

Ken Fiati further debunked claims levelled against the guild by Abeiku Sagoe, a member of the guild,  that the guild president, Sammy Fiscian did not involve the guild executives in decisions regarding the guild elections, but rather employed a few friends through and process and took sole decisions. According to Ken, everyone who worked with Sammy Fiscen was a memeber of a committee, commissioned at an actors guild ceremony.

Ken also disclosed that an Annual General Meeting was held in April, at the Arts Centre, where a roadmap of 2018 elections was decided. According to him, the plaintiffs, Abeiku Sagoe and Henry Harding were present at the meeting. He also questioned Abeiku Sagoe’s reason for suing on the basis that a voting register was not available on the day of the elections. According to Ken, the writ was issues by the court on the 22nd October, yet the elections was scheduled for the 27th October.

Ken Fiati concluded with the hope that the issue will be resolved amicably for the common good of both parties.


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