The Acting Industry is not a Stable Place – Rahim Banda


Young Ghanaian actor, Rahim Banda has proclaimed that the Ghanaian acting industry is unsteady.

In an interview with Foster Romanus on the Late Nite Celebrity Show, he disclosed that because of this phenomenon in the acting industry, he has decided to further his education to guarantee him a better foundation in the future.

“The acting industry is not a stable place. At the end of the day when everything passes, it is your education, degree and masters that will add value to your life. I just want to complete school and get a better foundation for wherever I want to be”, he said.

The 18-year old actor gained admission to the University of Ghana this year. He was named an ambassador of the Government of Ghana’s Free SHS policy earlier this year.

Rahim Banda is widely known for featuring in Ghanaian movies such as Wonder Boy and Access Point.




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