Tee Rhyme Honored to Release Tahoo E.P on 22nd November


Multi-award nominated Ghanaian hip hop artiste, Tee Rhyme is set and honored to release his first ever
EP since the beginning of his musical journey. The album, dubbed Tahoo is to be released worldwide on
the 22nd day of November, 2018 on the Stylish Music Group Label.
Tee Rhyme’s Tahoo EP, features six eclectic songs and a ditty intro, properly arranged to send down
excitements, messages and knowledge into the listening ears of fans.

In his performance across all six
songs, Tee Rhyme indeed proves that he truly deserves the title, “the stylish rapper” with great ideas and
heavy punch lines which he has always received the plaudits for from industry gurus. A listener can feel
the right topical emotions where it is due in each of the songs on the album; Excitement, disturbance,
furious etc.

Tee Rhyme and his stylish music group decided to share two (2) of the songs to fans across the globe; E

dey funny me serf, which was released in early September, a song about the realities of the pull-him-
down syndrome our own people deliberately infected themselves with. Twa Wa Num which was released

three (3) weeks ago also speaks about the fact that man got to enjoy life and never deprive himself of the
good things he so desires.

The EP album, according to Tee Rhyme is to appreciate what his biological father and other “fathers”
had impacted into his life throughout his private life and musical journey. The seven (7) track album has
tracks like Tahoo, Kofcity which is a wake-up call for all music artists in the Eastern region to ‘up’ their
game, Bowo nase which is a song that speaks about pretentious people, and a few other fertile and
potential songs.

The E.P will be on all digital stores and streaming channels worldwide for listening and acquisition. Stay
tuned for more of such sonorous musical tracks from the father of the Stylish Music Group, Tee Rhyme.
Source: Stucky Kojo



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