Teach Us To Make Money – Shatta Wale To Veterans


Self-acclaimed dancehall king, Shatta Wale has called on veteran musicians to teach upcoming artistes how to survive in the music business, and not how to write lyrics.

Shatta Wale stated that, music talent is inherent, hence every true musician has the gift to make good music, however, not everyone can make it in the industry.

“Music is an inbuilt gift. We often hear musicians say that the veterans did not pass their style of music on to us. What we really need is to learn how to benefit from our work”, he said

According to him, being a good lyricist does not guarantee your survival as an artiste but, your ability to make money in order to sustain your career is the utmost.

Shatta noted that one can have hit songs and still not be wealthy.

¨I know of musicians that I looked up to, who are now very poor. Don’t ask that they teach you how to make music, let them teach you how to monetize your creativity”, he added.


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