Stop Risking The Lives Of The Youth With Your Bread Business – Martin Aboagye To Some Celebrities


Movie producer, Martin Aboagye has asked some celebrities who employ the youth to sell their products in the streets to deter from the act as they are putting the lives of some Ghanaians at risk.

Mr. Aboagye has added his voice to the cry of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly in trying to rid the streets of hawking.

He stated that, celebrities who indulge in this act are seemingly working against the progress of the country.

He mentioned colleague producer, Ahmed Banda, of Bandex films and sound engineer, Hammer as prominent culprits in this act.

The aforementioned media men are known to produce bread, and distribute them for purchase by the public alongside their media works.

He stated further that, the risk of road accidents has increased at a fast pace due to rampancy of hawking in Ghana, therefore, celebrities endorsing the act is an eyesore.

He told Sammy Flex in an interview on Showbiz Agenda,”I think Hammer and Bandex are putting the lives of the youth at risk. They are prone to road accidents and the likes. It must stop.”

Martin Aboagye, producer for television series, “Mama Taxi” added that, his observations and submissions are not to ridicule anyone, but for the betterment of the country.


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