Stacy Offei Darko Allegedly Died At Obengfo From An Abortion – Social Media User Claims


The late Deputy CEO of the National Entrepreneurship Innovation Program (NEIP), Stacy Offei Darko may not have died at the Obengfo Hospital from surgery complications as we have come to know.

Information making rounds on social media suggest that Stacy, the ex-girlfriend of Assin Central MP, Kennedy Agyapong, may have rather died in an attempt to abort a pregnancy.

The information which seems to have emanated from the Instagram account, @thosecalledcelebs, is gaining currency and has been picked up by various news portals and blogs.

The death of the Stacy Offei Darko went viral on Monday following the arrest of the Dr Dominic Obeng-Andoh, the MD of the hospital. She was initially said to have visited the health facility to seek medical attention after she suddenly fell ill with malaria, according to Stacy’s mother, Ama Anima.

But it was later revealed by Kennedy Agyapong, with whom she had a 6-year-old daughter, that Stacy went to Dr Obengfo for a liposuction procedure to reduce her biceps and thighs but died on Thursday, May 21.

According to the Assin Central MP, a friend of Stacy who accompanied her to the hospital told him that they went to the place on two occasions before the procedure was done.

On their first visit, they went in the company of an NPP big man who offered to drop them off at the facility but the ladies took Uber to the hospital the next day. The lady, Ken Agypong narrated that on NET 2, stated that after the procedure, they brought Stacy to the ward but she could see she was having short breath and prompted the nurses around but they failed to do anything about it.

Stacy’s friend who was flying to Germany on the day went as far as calling another friend to inform the doctor of the of Stacy’s situation but it was all to no avail and she had to leave for the airport. This has been the story in the public domain so far.

But according to @thosecalledcelebs, Stacy went to the hospital which is known to be a body sculpting centre to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy. Citing an unnamed close friend, @thosecalledcelebs went ahead to suggest that a top man is the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) was the one responsible for the ‘Stacy’s pregnancy.’

“Another news trending about Stacys death….it has come to my notice dat…Stacy didn’t go in for any body shape oooo but she rather went in for an Abortion …and de foetus papa is ****…is alleged oooo!!!.. de source claims to be a very closed friend,” @thosecalledcelebs posted with a picture of Stacy.

While cannot independently confirm the allegations being made by @thosecalledcelebs it is worthy to note the NPP big man was involved somehow.

And also, Dr Obengfo has often been in the news for much worse reasons than performing an abortion. He is even known to have been operating without a licence.

This may just be a rumour but the truth will surely come out when Dr Obengfo starts his testimony in court. Charged with murder, he will need all the defence he can get and if indeed Stacy died for any other reason than liposuction, the embattled doctor will reveal.


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