Some Secular Songs Are Way Better Than Gospel Music – Adwoa Smart


Ghanaian actress, Adwoa Smart has asserted that some secular songs as compared to gospel songs in Ghana make more meaning.

In an interview with Doctor Cann on Showbiz Xtra, the veteran actress disclosed that she loves all types of music, including gospel songs but specifically, worship songs.

She further expressed her love for secular music especially reggae songs, and fumed over the generally negative perception about these songs.

According to her, though people consider these songs as ‘bad’, their lyrics makes much sense than some gospel songs.

“I enjoy all kinds of music, if only it sounds good. I also like my gospel worship songs but there are some secular songs like reggae that have very deep lyrics as compare to some gospel songs,” she added.

The “Obra” actress further indicated that, some reggae songs best defines the word gospel than most gospel songs.

She said, “people classify Reggae as bad songs, as wee songs, as Akpeteshie songs, but if you take your time and listen to the words you will realize that it’s a gospel song,” she revealed.


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