Sit Back And Let Me Reign – Buda To Kwaw Kese


Younger brother of popular hip-hop star, Kwaw Kesse, Buda has called on the former to step back from the mainstream so he[Buda] can have his moment in the spotlight.

‘His reign is over and now he is a senior. It is time for him to step back so I can do my thing”, he told Arnold Elavanyo Mensah, host of Vibes In 5 in a recent interview.

He added that, his brother should take up mentorship roles in guiding his[Buda] craft, in order to propel his career.

Though he disclosed that Kwaw has been supportive of his career, he called for more assistance from the “Man No Dey Hear” hit maker.

Furthermore, Buda mentioned that the only way he can make it in the industry is if his brother retires and have him continue the legacy he has created.

He also indicated that, due to the similarities in their craft and image, only one of them can be in the mainstream at a particular time.

“We have a lot in common, I can’t change my voice or my style and that is the more reason why he should step aside so his “photocopy” can continue from where he ended”, he added.


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