Shots of Whisky Boost My Morale – Quarme Zaggy


High-life musician Quarme Zaggy has revealed that he takes “shots of whisky” to keep him excited through engagement with his audience.

The artiste tells MzGee on Gee Spot on Joy Prime that it’s normal as everyone needs a moral booster. The “Braffie” hit maker said, “Everyone has something that makes them or puts them in the mood to do something. I can get some shots, maybe some whiskey or something to get me on my feet or maybe pick up my guitar and strike some strings and it gets me in the mood.”

“I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs…Our work is such that when you go on stage, people derive excitement from your excitement, so when you go on stage moody and you are performing slowly and you are boring, people will complain so by making them happy, you make yourself happy,” Quarme explained.


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