Shatta Wale Allegedly Apologizes To Michy Over His Leaked ‘Adult’ Video


An alleged ‘atopa’ video of Shatta Wale hit the internet on Tuesday, June 19, 2018.

In the video Shatta Wale and Pope Skinny reportedly had their ‘rods’ in the mouth of a girl they met at Nima – Shatta Michy has exposed Shatta Wale, who allegedly apologized to her privately after the video went haywire. reported the news of an ‘adult’ video of Shatta Wale hitting the internet like his new song ‘Thunder Fire’. In the video, Shatta Wale and one of his SM Militant members, Pope Skinny, had their ‘rods’ in the mouth of a girl they had met in Nima. Shatta and the Militants had gone to Nima to shoot a video for their new song ‘Thunder Fire’, when the act happened.

Shatta Wale has since been angry with the media for reporting on this video, warning to beat bloggers to teach them a lesson. Following this development, YEN has again seen posts by Shatta Michy indicating that Shatta Wale had reached her to apologize privately after the video went viral. Michy’s posts are captured in a report by ghpage.

In one of the posts, she wrote: “They tried to dirty us publicly [and] now offer apologies publicly.”

Then she wrote again: “Sometimes you have to be all you’ve got, to be able to risk it all to be who you are supposed to be.” Michy’s statements seem to expose Shatta Wale, who reportedly apologized to her over his ‘adult’ video, begging her for forgiveness.

The relationship between them had gone sour, as reported earlier by in April, but it seems they are warming up towards each other again. Shatta Michy had accused Wale of being a woman beater, and an abuser who threatens her with a gun at the least provocation. The two have a son, Shatta Majesty.



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