Sex Before Marriage Is Not Fornication – Ben Brako


Veteran musician Ben Brako claims to being sexually active before marriage should not be deemed as fornication.

The ‘Mawie’ hitmaker says the caveat that sex is the preserve of the married and not for singles a story “for children”.

To buttress his assertion, Ben Brako noted that it was pragmatic for a man to learn the challenges in marriage before attempting the journey so they do not venture into the institution of marriage naïve.

“I think pragmatically you’ve got learn how to be married before you get married. You can go into marriage totally naïve and you look like an idiot.”

“Learn how to deal with a man and learn what women want from you…you can go through marital life and be frustrating your wife [so the learning is important],” he said.

Speaking on the topic; ‘Who owns your body’ on Joy Prime’s Gee Spot with MzGee, Ben Brako revealed that what Christianity refers to as fornication does not tally with his thoughts.

He disagreed that fornication is defined as sex before marriage, describing it as a “loving relationship”.

“The Bible never says so…fornication is having sex for its own sake. Having a loving sexual relationship with somebody is not fornication.

“Fornication is when you go for a prostitute…if you have a loving relationship, it is not fornication,” the veteran musician said.


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