See Something, Say Something Campaign Launched To Enhance Public Security


A campaign has been launched in Accra, Thursday to raise awareness for public vigilance at a time when crime appears to be on the increase in parts of the country.

The ‘See Something Say Something’ campaign is to directly engage citizens in fighting crime and creating peaceful, lively and secured communities across the country.

The campaign is a collaborative effort between BrassRing Media Network, Youth Crime Watch of Ghana and Ignitus Worldwide Inc. Gh and the Ghana Police Service.

The campaign further notes that an informed, vigilant community is critical in keeping our country safer. Together with the Ghana Police Service, the See Something Say Something campaign team will use social media and other innovations to share quick information on crime related activities.

The ‘See Something Say Something’ campaign also seeks active participation by the citizenry who must be observant enough to see, passionate and courageous enough to say what they see to the appropriate authorities.

“Citizens must not wait till the unfortunate happens before they report to the media. They must be proactive by reporting any suspicious activity to the Ghana Police Service and must describe adequately to the police what they saw, where it occurred when it occurred and a little description, if possible about the criminal actors.

“As part of the campaign, a whatsapp line 0244-330-796 has been created for all who may have any information about crime to share and the appropriate, quick action will be taken to protect life and property. For more information, like our page on facebook, If You See Something Say Something and on Twitter, @SeeSaycampaign If there is an emergency 1-9-1 will NOT fail when you call. Do call when it is necessary and imminent. This case tracking system will help,” a statement signed by Benjamin K. Tawiah Campaign Coordinator said.


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