Samini Adds His Voice To GFA Saga


Emmanuel Andrew Samini, known by his stage name as Samini, has asserted that, the findings from Anas‘ expose on the Ghana Football Association (GFA), is going to affect the country in future.

In an interview on Citi FM, the celebrated musician who happens to have political ambitions, averred that Ghana is still struggling because corrupt people are holding high positions.

He stated further that, corruption is a disgrace, in the coming years, the GFA “Saga” will cause the country to suffer internationally.

The expose has attracted international attention and should Ghana reach out to any country for help in future, we may be denied because of this GFA corruption case. We may not see it now but we will suffer the consequences later”, he added.

In his submissions, Samini pointed out that the Football Association should be dissolved totally and new administrators, sworn in.


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