Sakawa Would Have Benefited More Than Wasting 8 Years In Radio-Pope Skinny


The Asuoden music CEO Pope Skinny, has described his time in radio as a waste, lamenting that he would have been better off as a “sakawa” or fraud boy.

In an interview with host Kwame Bee on Kasapa FM’s “Di Wu Lane Mu” show, the “Hot Cake” hit maker expressed his dissatisfaction with his earning on radio.

The former Kasahari rap show host said, “As a youth, you can’t be doing something for a very long time without seeing results. I’ve been on radio for 8 years yet I can’t boast of a house or a car I bought with what I earned from radio. If I were involved in Sakawa, I would have accomplished a lot after 8 years.”

The artiste, who is credited with bangers like “Wa Shatta Mi”, “Adjowa”, “Hot Cake” and a number of danceable tunes, revealed a couple of weeks ago on Adom FM’s “Kasahari” Show, that he was about “resurrecting” rap music in Ghana again.


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