I've not been involved in visa racketeering – Volleyball President


President of the Ghana Volleyball Association, Paul Kudjoe Atchoe has debunked vile allegations being made against him in relation to visa racketeering at the Commonwealth Games in Australia.
Paul Atchoe, who also doubles as the 1st vice president of the Ghana Olympic Committee was rumoured to have selected his relatives and friends to represent Ghana in Beach Volleyball while the country didn’t make the qualification mark.
In an interview with Zylofon Sports, he denied such reports claiming that it’s a ploy targeted to damage his integrity.
“I surprised that someone could fabricate such a false story. Africa was given only one slot and in the qualifying competition, Ghana placed 3rd so we were no where near the qualifying mark so we didn’t go”.
“At the moment , I’m in Ghana so if Beach Volleyball had qualified, I would have been in Australia with other qualified federation presidents and my children are also in Ghana so it’s just a fabricated story they have put out there to tarnish my name.” Paul Atchoe said.
He noted that two of his children were named in the story.
“I have seen the names of two of my children in the list and they are Martin Atchoe and Sampson Atchoe. I think the person who did the story did it out of hatred against me . To me is a just a malice” Atchoe told Zylofon FM.


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