Ras Kuuku Adds His Voice To Police Brutality In Ghana


Ghanaian musician, Ras Kuuku has added his voice to the arising occurrence of police sadism towards Ghanaian citizens.

He joins the likes of musician, Brenya and celebrated actress, Lydia Forson in the fight against corrupt officers.

Ras Fumed over the recent viral video which captured an armed police officer beating up a nursing mother in a bank.

He emphasized that, the police are supposed to protect citizens, but the Ghana police goes contrary.

“They are supposed to be our friends, but now, we can’t even count on them to protect us”, he averred.

The acclaimed King of “Rasta” youth says most of his “boys” face rough treatment from the Ghana police.

“My boys are always complaining. The police are always maltreating them because they are Rasta guys”, he added.

He further appealed to the Police service to better their efforts at protecting and serving Ghanaians.

“We are not supposed to be scared of them. They should do a better job at protecting us”, he finally said.

Ras Kuuku is best known for songs like, “Show Them Love”, “More Fire”, “Papa Yi” and a hoard of others.


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