Rappers Must ¨Avoid¨ Featuring Singers On Their Songs – Asaase


Fast-growing afro-pop act, Asaase has cautioned rappers to eschew collaborating with singers, because these singers end up ¨stealing the show¨ during such featuring.

The musician with real name Patrick Adarkwa Kadwo in a Facebook post, gave this advise as a result of fans claiming Kelvynboy, who he featured on his popular song ¨I Do¨, took the shine away from him, when one listens to the piece.

¨Rappers should avoid collaborating with singers because they end up taking the shine, an example is my song with Kelvynboy. He, obviously ¨stole my shine¨. This has gotten music lovers, assuming the song is his, meanwhile the song is mine¨, Asaase lamented in his post.

¨People give credit to Kelvynboy when Kelvynboy didn’t do much on the song. Everything was done before, he (Kelvynboy) was brought on to sing the chorus¨, he added.

The ¨I Do¨ hitmaker is currently on a television and radio tour of the Western Region and its environs, to promote the song, which is gradually making inroads among party-goers and music lovers.



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