Rapper Shankoma Releases “Originator” To Claim His Crown As King Of Akuapem Rap


Rapper Shankoma, who is known as one of the founders of rap in The Akuapem language during the era when Hiplife started spreading out to other Ghanaian languages, has claimed the ultimate crown with the release of his recent song, “Originator”.

The song, which features budding rapper, Tetebotan Viper and produced by Hype Lyrix was presented to Showbiz Agenda’s Judgment Board for review on Zylofon 102.1 FM.

Remember, in an earlier interview on the same show, colleague rapper, Pope Skinny, who now refers to himself as Asuoden God, told Ghanaians that he owns Akuapem rap.

Shan, who is in a seeming battle with his former comrade, Pope has stated that, though his career took off while he was in a group with the latter, he is the one and only initiator of Akuapem rap.

The rapper stated that, Pope was his former colleague in secondary school, where he started Akuapem rap, however, Skinny developed interest in his style and they decided to form a group.

“While in school, I was doing rap music and he was doing something else, but when he realized my style was appealing, he adopted it, and we formed a group”, he explained.

Though he denied throwing shades at any rapper, members of the Asuoden empire have urged their “God” to release a reply to Koma’s “Originator”.


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