Promoting Body Positivity, Shattering Cultural Ideals of Beauty & Bringing You the Scoop on Latest Beauty Trends: Glam Africa Magazine’s Beyond Beauty Issue is a Must-Read!


What does beauty mean to you? Your answer to this question just might change once you read Glam Africa’s “Beyond Beauty” issue.

This edition which features popular South African Chef and TV Personality, Lorna Maseko, on the cover, is jam-packed with an eclectic range of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content you will love.

Some highlights include the ‘Real  Women,  Real  Beauty’  shoot, featuring nine women of colour with inspirational stories, who have embraced  their  bodies  unapologetically  and  are empowering  others  to  do  the  same.   Not only are  these  incredible  women  united  by  their  melanin,  but   they  have  each  also  battled  with  their  individual  beauty  in  some   shape  or  form.  And by learning to  love themselves  just  the  way   that  they  are,  they  have  been  able  to  challenge  conventional   beauty  standards  and  show  the  world  that  they  too  deserve  to  be   seen  and  represented  in  magazine  spreads  and  on  billboards.

Also in this edition, Lorna Maseko gives the publication the exclusive  scoop on transcending personal setbacks to ultimately smashing all the  goals she set for herself.

In this issue, African men of different age ranges share what beauty means  to them, and boy would you be pleasantly surprised by some of their  responses.    This edition also gives you all the latest scoop on trends  in  beauty   tech  –  the  hottest  gadgets  to  enhance  your  regular  beauty   regimen.  Looking for the  ultimate  party  looks?  It’s all here. Plus  thelatest on your favourite celebs, stylistas, travel destinations and  cuisine.

The latest issue of Glam Africa in stores from October 5th, and will be  available across the country at locations including, Shoprite, Terra  Kulture, Oriki Spa, Sari Signature, Quintessence, and more. It is  available now and on demand at offering card,  bank transfer and cash on delivery payment options.

Glam Africa Magazine is a quarterly lifestyle publication that showcases  African excellence with a worldwide readership of 1.5 million and  distributed in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and United Kingdom.


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Cover Credits

Hair: Kabelo Pusoe #KabeloPusoe

Stylist: Chloe Andrea @chloe_andrea_the_stylist

Photo: Justin Dingwall @justin_dingwall

MUA: Bokamoso Dikobe @bk_makeupartist


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