Prince Bright (BukBak) Weeps During An Interview With Sammy Flex


Losing a relative or a friend is a tragedy which is dreaded among us as humans and difficult to comprehend yet, inevitable.

Prince Bright of BukBak fame was seen shedding tears at Zylofon 102.1 FM on ‘Showbiz Agenda’ as his songs with his late brother, Ronny Coaches was played back to back. The hiplife artiste stepped out of the studio in tears even before his interview began but returned to do the interview after he was a bit calm.

“i realised how much work Ronny put into all this amazing hits that is on radio now and honestly i have missed him because we went through a lot together. Hearing these songs being played now and he is not here with me right now to share in the amazing experience we’ve had from the past. It really hit me because he had his favorite in the songs you just played so when you hit that it just hit me.” He said in explaining why he got emotional.

Buk Bak was a Ghanaian musical group composed of Prince Bright, Isaac Shoetan and Ronny Coaches. They rapped in Ga, Twi and Pidgin, and were the first hiplife group in Ghana to be successful with Ga lyrics.

As of 2006, they were both pursuing individual projects. Bright and Ronny reunited in 2012 to record what turned out to be their final album as a group, “Fisherman Anthem”. The group ended in November 2013, after the death of Ronny Coaches. On November 21, 2013, Ronnie Coaches was pronounced dead at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, Ghana after he suffered a heart attack.


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