Praying Wives Conference Rescheduled


The Praying Wives Movement an organization committed to saving marriages and women through prayer has rescheduled it annual conference

The Conference originally scheduled to be held on the June 30th will now be held on Saturday 23rd June.

Mrs Esi Asante Antwi, Founder of Praying Wives Movement, apologized for the earlier communication, saying “the change is due to circumstances beyond our control”.

The annual conference dubbed: ‘The Crown Princesses Conference will be packed with counselling activities as well as intercessory prayers for wives and marriages

Mrs Asante Antwi, told the Ghana News Agency that the conference will be used as a platform to help change lives and protect marriages.

Apart from counselling sessions during the conference, there will be panel discussions, group discussions as well as question and answer time

She said the movement is committed to curtail attacks on Christian marriages, explaining that there was the need to halt divorce rate especially in Christian marriages.

Mrs Asante Antwi said the group, Praying Wives Movement is on social media, specifically, Facebook and Whatsapp with about 9000 followers and said they use the platforms to share the word of God and encourage Christian wives to continue building their marriages on the foundation of Christ.

She called on all wives to note the change in date and attend the conference

The Praying Wives Movement is also involved in social activities such as bible distribution and donations to orphanages

She said: ‘The Woman is an essential part of any family, touch a women’s life and you touch the whole family and generations to come.’

Mrs Asante Antwi called on philanthropists and corporate organization to come on board by sponsoring the conference.


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