#PaeMuKa@20: Hammer, Tinny Explain Their Absence


Obrafour’s #PaeMuKa@20 came off last Saturday, graced with a lot of breathtaking performances from several artistes.

However, some faces were not seen on stage or among the audience at the historic event. Notable among them were Hammer and Tinny, and this raised a lot of questions after the event.

These two music legends finally stated their reasons for being absent at the event with Sammy Flex on Zylofon FM’s Showbiz Agenda on November 11.

“I prepared adequately for the event. My costume was even ready but I couldn’t make it because I was down with severe flu, headache and fever,” he said.

The renowned beat maker stated that he was pained by the fact that he was absent from the eventful concert.

He also revealed that this year marked 20 years in his life as a sound engineer in Ghana. He added that together with his team, he will climax 2019 and celebrate the milestone with a Hammer@20 concert.

Another rap star whose inclusion in Obrafour’s #PaeMuKa@20 would have made it more eventful is Tinny.

Popular known as Aletse, Tinny, also told Sammy Flex that prior to the event, he was in talks with organisers but did not hear from them again for the necessary arrangements.

Therefore he could not show up even though his picture was on the event flyer.

Meanwhile, a member of the Kri8 team, Wei Ye Oteng apologized for all the inconveniences caused during and before the event.



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