NO MORE ANIMAL SONGS: Comedian Combats Tramadol Abuse In New Song


Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face has released a new single to support the fight against the abuse of tramadol.

The “Cow and Chicken” hitmaker has added his voice to the overuse of drugs by the youth, in a song titled, “Tramadol” featuring Article Wan.

According to him, he has made enough “animal songs” and hopes to touch a few lives with this new banger.

The “Children’s President” in an interview with Sammy Flex, conceded that the abuse of tramadol and its practice amongst the youth is one of the fastest growing vices in recent times.

When asked what the song is geared towards achieving, Funny Face said, “I want to reach out to the youth through this song. Though it is a danceable tune, I believe the message in it will cause a change in the attitude of some people.”

Some lyrics in the song said, Do you wanna die, if you don’t wanna die then don’t abuse tramadol. You don’t have an excuse, look at what is happening to the youth. Stop tramadol abuse.

He expressed that, he is taking advantage of his massive following on social media to reach out to masses.

“I have so many followers on social media. My funs love me so much that if I talk to them, they listen”, he added.



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