[NEW MUSIC]:Masaany-Tema Newtown featuring Addi Veroni,Bwoy Louka,Pijuu Lighter and Amazyn Spartan(Prod. by Pijuu)


Tema-based musician,Masaany has released a song titled ‘Tema Newtown’ in which he addressed the recent mysterious deaths that have hit the vicinity.

Eventhough the actual cause of these deaths is not known, a good number of the inhabitants believe that the disaster is as a result of an alleged curse on the community leading them to take spiritual cleansing in the sea.

Meanwhile the situation has been blamed on poor sanitation.

The Dancehall Messiah features great talents: Addi Veroni,Bwoy Louka,Pijuu Lighter and Amazyn Spartan who are also from Tema Newtown to speak against the worrying state of the community.

Click to listen:


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