Nayas 1 Marriage Brouhaha… Sammy Flex Scolds Wife Of Apostle


Ghanaian actress Nayas 1 is in the news again for posting wedding pictures of herself and Apostle John Prah which she captioned, “In His time He makes all things beautiful” meant for a movie poster, has gone viral and got the Apostle’s wife commenting on the picture. Sammy Flex host of ‘Showbiz Agenda’ on other hand thinks the Apostle’s wife’s comment was unnecessary but then Nayas needs to be advised.

“if you are a wife and you have any issue with your husband don’t rush to go out because if really, it was even a business plan you could mess it up but then I still think that someone should advice Nayas. As much as she wants publicity all the kind of ‘hype’ she is getting are not the best.” Sammy Flex advised.

He believes the actress should have informed the Apostle or the producer before taking that initiative hence she should render an apology to the Apostle to calm nerves and bring the issue to a close.


Both Nayas and Apostle John Prah had been featured in a movie yet to be released and were called by the producer for a photo shoot some of which would be selected for the cover of the movie. Nayas got a portion of the pictures which she posted on her facebook timeline and wrote, “In His time He makes all things beautiful” and when asked whether she was really married to Apostle her answers were not straightforward. She neither confirmed nor denied. People started calling the Apostle’s wife which made her react to the post of the actress on her timeline and wrote, “cheap popularity is bad. I am the wife, I can’t share my husband please. This is why I married a true man of God. Our loved ones outside are really hurt by this.”

Below is one of the pictures of Nayas and the Apostle which went viral:


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