Nana Agyeiwah hosts ‘Mara Chatroom’ on GHOne TV


The opportunity to host the review show of a telenovela with
impressive ratings is one that Television Presenter, Nana Agyeiwah,
is thankful for.
The 2014 Ghana’s Most Beautiful contestant also values being able to
tackle societal issues as the host of ‘Mara Chatroom’ – a show
around Portuguese telenovela ‘A Unica Mulher’ (Mara – The Only
The hit telenovela, which has caught on ever since it made its local
debut on GHOne TV, addresses racism, xenophobia and political
Every Friday evening (8:30 to 9:30pm), Agyeiwah and her panelists
bring the relevant lessons from the telenovela to the fore, opening it
up for broader viewer consumption.
The young talent is grateful for the opportunity to announce a
mainstream television career with the hosting of the Mara
“The opportunity to host Mara Chat Room is one I cherish, and I
appreciate the effort the whole team puts in to ensure we have a good
show on Fridays,” says Agyeiwah.
Feedback for the show has so far been impressive.
“It’s fun hosting Mara Chat Room. The feedback has been good so far;
you can tell from the contributions that come in especially on Fridays.”
‘Mara – The Only One’ airs on the EIB Network-owned station on
weekdays at 7:30pm, and on weekdays at 10am with an Omnibus on

Written by Maria João Mira and her son André Ramalho, it
broadcasts during primetime slot on Portuguese Television and
other countries.
Producers ordered a second season before the end of the first
season for its high ratings. It became the most watched television
show in Portugal.
The telenovela was renewed for a third season. There are
discussions about a fourth because of its excellent run.
‘Mara – The Only One’ was shot in Lisbon (Portugal) and Luanda
(Angola), and stars top-rated Portuguese, Brazilian and Angolan
GHOne TV continues to be the home for award-winning
programming that speaks today’s television consumption language.


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