NADMO Commemorates June 3 Disaster


Today, June 3, marks the third anniversary of the complex disaster of flood and fire at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle in 2015, that plunged the nation into deep sorrow.

The twin disaster that happened in the middle of heavy flooding and rainstorm on Wednesday, coupled with an explosion at Kwame Nkrumah Circle Branch of the GOIL Filling Station, killed at least 150 people and injured many others.

A leakage of gasoline from the filling station during the flood led to the explosion of the fuel pump station.

A number of people also died elsewhere, necessitating government to declare an official three-day of national mourning.

The incident has, till date, left indelible scars on the minds of Ghanaians.

Meanwhile, survivors of the 2015 fire and flood disasters have called on government to go to their aid as life after the horrific incident had been difficult.

The National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), in a statement to mark the day, cautioned the public to be wary of their surroundings by ensuring that their drains were free from debris and cooperate with state institutions to avoid disasters.

It called on the public to cooperate with NADMO, the Environmental Protection Agency, Hydrological Service Department, and the District Assemblies among others to ensure disaster risk reduction for safety.

The statement, signed by Mr George Kwadwo Ayisi, the Director of Communication, appealed to the public to create awareness of the imminence of disaster around them and the need to prevent them.

“We wish to soberly commemorate this day in the Disaster history of Ghana, not as a reminder of pain caused the nation by this complex disaster of flood and fire.

“NADMO wishes to commiserate with the families that lost their loved ones, property and their livelihood and empathise with the injured and say let’s us, as a people, resolve to say never again should our negligence and dereliction of duties lead us this way.”


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