“My Husband Was Bewitched” -Mrs Nyantakyi Finally Speaks


For the first time since former GFA boss MR.Kwesi Nyantakyi was shown in a video in a compromising manner by Tiger Eye PI in their documentary piece Number12, someone very close to the embattled former GFA boss has finally spoken.
That person is no less a person than the first wife of Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi, Mrs. Christine-Marie Nyantakyi.

Speaking to Paul Adom Ochere on Good Evening Ghana Tuesday night, Mrs Nyantakyi gave a vivid chronological narration of events leading to her husbands current woes. From when her husband told her about getting some investors who were interested in investing in Ghana football, to meeting with the representative of this supposed investor and all the events that happened afterwards.

Mrs Nyantakyi revealed in the interview that she believes her husband, Mr Nyantakyi might have been bewitched by the undercover agents pretending to be investors.

When Mrs Nyantakyi was asked whether she had watched the full video, she said,
“I have not gathered the courage to watch the full video, because the small that I watched, I knew that is not my husband. The way he was talking, that was not my husband so I knew something might have gone wrong”.
When asked by the host “something like what?” she said, “I don’t know because my husband is a skeptical person, he does not just follow people like that”.
When asked whether this something were incantations or “juju”, Mrs Christine-Marie Nyantakyi answered in the affirmative.

Mrs. Nyantakyi revealed that the current situation has affected their children very much especially when they go to school.
“My children have reacted very badly to this situation”.

She also said her husband was shocked, sad and disappointed at the punishment that was meted out to him by the Ajudicatory Ethics Committee Of FIFA.

She however cautioned all those happy about Nyantakyi’s downfall not to start jubilating yet.
“All the name calling, jubilations and celebrations, I am pleading that we should all hold our horses. Time will tell.” She cautioned.

In a documentary named Number12 premiered on the 7th of June this year, Mr. Nyantakyi was captured on videos negotiating a deal with under cover agents disguised as prospective investors and accepting an amount of $65,000 in cash from them. Mr Nyantakyi has challenged the amount reported in the video.

A petition was sent to FIFA by makers of the documentary, Tiger Eye PI led by Anas Aremeyaw Anas to FIFA on the conduct of Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi in the video.

The former Ghana Football Association president Kwesi Nyantakyi was handed an initial 90-day ban by Fifa Ethics Committee, which was later extended by a 45-day period during which time investigations were going on.

After the investigations, the adjudicatory chamber of FIFA found Nyantakyi “guilty of having violated art. 19 (Conflicts of interest), art. 21 (Bribery and corruption) and art. 22 (Commission) of the FIFA Code of Ethics, 2012 edition.” Thereby banning him from all football related activities for life and also finned him 500,000 Swizz Franc.

Mr Nyantakyi has expressed shock at the decision and has directed his lawyers to appeal the ban at the Court of Arbitration for sports, CAS.


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