My Dogs Over My Husband, Any day- Stephanie Benson


Controversial singer, Stephanie Benson has revealed that even though she loves her husband so much, she prefers her dogs to him.

The “One More” hitmaker highlighted that she cherishes her two dogs more than her “white” husband, to whom she has been married for the past 30 years now.

“My children, my sisters and my husband. He knows that he comes third. Oh! Maybe my dogs even come third and then him¨, she said.

¨I love my dogs. They are so lovely….I wake up to kisses from them daily. I sleep with them everyday. They sleep on the bed-beside me…… “, she told Arnold Mensah Elavanyo on Vibes in 5.

She however  mentioned that she adored her husband nonetheless.

“I love my husband to death. Not all men can put up with me. He knows my humour and understands me. I settled with him because I could not find his kind of my race.”

Stephanie Benson currently has a new song featuring Ace Highlife singer Ben Brako titled ‘It’s You’.

Here’s the interview.

Watch “It’s You” below.



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