My daughter had a beautiful body, Liposuction not an option – Stacy’s mother


Mother of the late Deputy CEO of the National Entrepreneurship Innovation Programme (NEIP), Stacy Offei Darko, has dismissed speculations that her daughter died from a liposuction gone wrong.

Nana Akosua Anima I, said the allegations are preposterous because her daughter was beautiful and had a perfect body.

With a flat stomach and a body like hers, Stacy’s mother says it would have been ridiculous for her daughter to think of doing anything to her body.

In an interview on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Akosua Anima said if even her daughter wanted a liposuction done on her, she would have arranged for that to be done abroad, not in Ghana.

The death of the Deputy CEO is still a mystery to her family and the many people who knew her.

She was reported dead at the Obengfo hospital on May 21, 2018. Joy News learnt that the owner of the facility ordered the body of the deceased to be deposited at the morgue without the family’s knowledge.

For days, Stacy’s mother tried unsuccessfully to reach her daughter. When she finally reached nurses at the Obengfo hospital, however, she was told by a nurse that she had been given an injection that had left her weak and unable to answer her calls.

The nurse assured the mother that her daughter will get in touch as soon as she felt better the next day.

Alarmed by the information, she asked for directions to the hospital and proceeded there to see her.

It was there, after dilly-dallying, that the doctor – Dominic Obeng Andoh – informed her that Stacy had died two days earlier and had been sent to the morgue and embalmed.

Following news of Stacy’s death, many have said the Obengfo hospital is known for liposuction and that the only reason she might have gone there may have been to get one done.

But Akosua Anima disagrees. She said there was no way her daughter would think of any such thing.

She insists that although her 37-year-old daughter had complained of tiredness and informed her that she was seeking medical attention at Obengfo hospital it was nothing that should have caused her death.

The grieving mother said her calm and people-loving daughter was just getting ready to pay her dues to society nd family when her life was snatched from her.

She has vowed to do all she can to get justice for the family and the many others who have had their lives cut short at the Obengfo hospital.

The police have also launched investigations into the incident.

The Obengfo hospital has been closed down, the doctor and nurses arrested. The cleaner who posed as Stacy’s relative to get her admitted into a morgue has also been picked up by the police.


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