My Contribution To Paa Bobo’s “Comfort” Made The Song A Hit – X Doe


X Doe has revealed in an interview on Showbiz Agenda with Sammy Flex that, his verse on the remix version of Paa Bobo’s “Comfort” song, caused the song to reach out to the youth, hence making it a hit.

Though he admittedly said the quality of the original song was great, X Doe says his style of rap and lyrical content, took the song to a different level.

“The song on its own was good, but I took it to a different level”, he said on Zylofon 102.1 FM.

The original version was released years ago, however, not long after, X Doe was featured on the remix version of the song.

Although the original version enjoyed massive airplay, the remix version of “Comfort” was one of the biggest hits during the era.


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