Music Producer Attacks Fake Gospel Musicans


Renowned record producer, Roro Buddy has attacked some Ghanaian gospel musicians, calling them phony Christians.

Roro directed words of advice to some musicians, especially urban gospel artistes asking them to be true to the gospel calling.

He insinuated that urban gospel artistes do not live their lives to the standard of true Christianity.

“Their lives are the exact opposite of the lyrics of their song. Gospel goes way beyond songs”, he said in an interview with Sammy Flex on Showbiz Agenda.

The “Enko den” producer also called some female gospel singers out on their fashion choices and demeanor in their music videos.

Although he refused to mention names, Buddy said many women in gospel try too hard to be “sexy” in their videos.

“Look at some of these females, the way they dress and act. They want to be sexy but gospel is not so”, he added.

Roro finally cautioned gospel musicians to stop joking with God and take their faith seriously.

He quoted, “Sin, if legalized by man is still sin in God’s eye. Man’s law cannot moralize what God considers immoral.”



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